Eurostone is a diamond manufacturer based in Tel Aviv. In this project I worked on the UX and visual design of their website and a special shopping experience with their diamond calculator. The focus was creating a unique and sleek impression, with special interactions to emphasize Eurostone’s expertise. We worked together with the video studio Soul Royale to create the unique styling.

2013 - 2014, Pumika UX/UI & digital strategy agency

UX design, UI design, Interaction design, Visual design, Website design
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The UX of this website had two different aspects to it.
Eurostone’s diamond calculator was a big focus, as this is their online point of sale and they wanted to create a unique calculator to enable customers to completely customize their order and have it visualized.

The second part focused on Eurostone’s storytelling, for this I worked on creating unique interactions that would unveil the story and the company’s expertise.


Visual & motion design

The goal was to create a unique, luxurious experience with this website, therefore I worked on creating many elegant visual images including the different diamond shapes for the calculator and unique jewelry sketches. It was just as important to have compelling motion design that would allow customers to interact with the website in a sleek way, each aspect of this was meticulously designed and coordinated with the development team.


Website design

The website design included taking together all the different visual designs and creating a cohesive experience throughout the site while telling a unique story on each page. Part of this was also perfecting the diamond calculator and the checkout flow.



After launching the website, Eurostone had great success with the site and subsequent diamond orders, the website is live till today with almost the same designs. The Eurostone project brought many other diamond company clients to Pumika.