Forter is a B2B fraud prevention company. During my time there I established the UX/UI and Design department. My main project was creating a complex web app from scratch, working collaboratively with the Product Manager, R&D and other departments to define product goals and adapt to new priorities. I was also in charge of Forter's branding, website and marketing materials. I also brought on and trained an additional Designer.

2015 - 2016

UX design, UI design, Research, User testing, Interaction design, Illustration, Design mentorship, Website design


The product work began with doing competitive research to help focus on our most important features and areas. This meant also getting ideas and inspiration from completely different companies and fields.


Collaboration sessions

Every feature and area was born from many exploratory brainstorm sessions. I led these together with our product manager and also involved any other relevant stakeholders. This ensured that everyone's ideas were heard and allowed us to iterate and fine-tune the product much faster.


UX & user testing

Fidelity, colleagues, iterations: after getting a group understanding of our feature, I would create mockups of various fidelity levels to bring the ideas further for our validation step. We would carry out user testing with selected customers (our B2B merchants) or with colleagues that weren’t involved in our product work. Using these insights, I would make further iterations and move on to final design.


Product design

I would consolidate all our feature flows with additional fine tuning and UI design. All of these seamlessly create Forter’s web app, which caters to different sets of users within our B2B customers, making sure they get the most out of our product.

We would also notify our customers about the newest features and create ongoing feedback loops. I brought on an additional designer to the company, who joined the product work under my guidance.

* Information does not represent real merchant data  

Product style-guide

I created Forter’s product style guide to help us build a unified product with a polished feel, while also speeding up our design and development process.


Website design - branding

I was also responsible for our branding and website design, which helped show the value of our product and company. The website went through 3 redesign phases while I was at Forter, to fit the changing strategic needs. I brought on an additional designer to the company, who joined the website work under my guidance.


I created animations to emphasize and illustrate our intangible tech and product concepts and features.



I created Forter’s Product & Design department and set them up for success, while also delivering all the product and branding design and mentoring a new designer. Forter started as a small start-up and is now continually growing and acquiring more and more B2B clients.