Learning app

We worked together with a startup to create a new learning iPad app for teachers and students. In collaboration with the startup team, I created designs for a full featured app focused on creating and viewing content around study material and also managing and participating in live class sessions.

2013 - 2014, Pumika UX/UI & digital strategy agency

UX Design, UI Design, Interaction design, App design, Project managment
Pro tip! Quick jump to the stages in the project:

User experience

The initial user experience design began with examining how we could utilize the iPad’s interactions to create an intuitive way of managing the content for teachers and also controlling live sessions. For this I created low fidelity mockups to get a feel for the flow before diving into design.

Feature flows

I worked on every feature flow, while making sure they all fit together seamlessly to create an intuitive experience for both kinds of user: the teachers and the students.

Study material content for students and teachers


Live session control for teachers, participation for students


Planning courses and adding material for teachers


Teacher/student app design

All of our feature flows were consolidated into an intuitive app design, while allowing some customization for each school. The app is designed with a ‘dark mode’ UI to allow the content to be front and center. I created custom icons and patterns with lively colors to give the app a fun, yet serious feel.

Design elements

These are some of the design element used in the app.



The app was fully designed, but the startup decided to slightly pivot and build a smaller scale initial app to focus only on live sessions. We helped them rethink the app from the beginning, at this phase I managed the project within the agency and supervised a designer to redesign the app.